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About Us

If you're looking to adopt a puppy this year, now is the time to claim yours! 


We're adding baby number 3 to the Lengacher family this Fall, and will be taking a break from raising puppies.

We're located a few minutes north of Indiana's second-largest city, Fort Wayne. All of our adult dogs love to romp and roam around our 30-acre farm, so they get plenty of exercise and attention that produces wonderful temperaments. 

We love each of the puppies that are born here, and enjoy caring for them before they find new homes. We make every effort to ensure your puppy has a long, happy, healthy life! 

If you like to set up a time to visit, feel free to Contact Us. 

Gentle Regards, 

Jonas & Michelle Lengacher

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Bernedoodle Breeder | Standard & Mini Bernedoodle Puppies
Bernedoodle Breeder | Standard & Mini Bernedoodle Puppies
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