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  • Lindsay, Fort Wayne, IN

Murdock - Almost 1 year old!

It’s been awhile since we touched base. Figured I’d send you some update pictures of Murdock since were coming up on his birthday.

The last 6 months have been eventful (&expensive) to say the least. Mur fractured his hind leg in July, which put him down for a bit. Luckily he’s made a good recovery since surgery. He’s very energetic, loves bully sticks, likes watching basketball on tv, has had a change of heart with car rides that he once hated, got neutered in Oct. - which didn’t phase him bc he still likes the vet 😂, he follows basic commands (& can roll over), still intrigued by the cat that hates him and continues to welcome all our guests with a yellow shower. Overall he’s filled a special spot in our home and hearts - mostly with his shenanigans, but what’s life without a little chaos. He is! People question us all the time on his breed, comment on his coloring and of course mention how cute he is. We’re always sure to mention where we got him too! ☺️

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