• Mike and Diane W.


About Toby, he is the most wonderful creature we could ever have as our family member. He stole my heart on the plane ride home from Fort Wayne and Diane's as soon as she saw him. He owns us both, even when he eats a shoe or a pair of glasses. He is so very smart and came to us a very social dog. He believes that everyone wants to meet him and that all dogs are his friends. He has an incredible appetite and like all puppies he eats leaves, berries, trash and more on his walks if we aren't watching. He weighs about 56 lbs and is 2 ft tall at the haunches and about 30 inches to the top of his head. He'll be 6 months in 12 days. He has his first puppy training class tomorrow night, but he knows sit, shake a paw and stay (a little). Like most pups he jumps too much but is learning to heel on his twice daily walks. He's my constant companion and already we don't know what we'd do without him. To say we love Toby isn't close to our enormous affection. He's our boy. Thanks for being great to Toby before we met him. His mom and you helped him to be ready for the transition to CA. Our grandkids love him dearly but are glad he's outgrowing the tendency to chew on them. He loves kids. We'll send you more candid pictures in the next weeks. Again, our gratitude for giving us such a loving pup. Best regards, Mike and Diane W.

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