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Sasha - AKA, "Adorable!"

Hi Jonas and Michelle,

Wow, what a wild year this has been!!! Scotia is finally losing a little of her puppy brain :-) Very smart! Best in her training classes, WE think. We have to be very proactive with her jumping on people as she loves everyone and wants to meet and greet! She like Murdock gives yellow showers also :-) No one seems to remember her name as everyone calls her Adorable!! 😁 We have had to really keep her cut short as her playground for the winter is the ocean and her legs and feet matt easily.

Her current size is about 26 inches at the shoulders and around 82 lb. She runs miles on the beach everyday so we think that is keeping her weight down.

We saw pictures of Sage (Murdock) and thought that he may be Sasha (Scotia's) brother.

Sending a few pictures from the year. Her 5 week picture you sent us, a 2.5 month pic, a before and after of her first grooming at almost 6 months, Scotia in her dog training class at 8 months and a couple recent ones at the beach in Mexico.

Have a Blessed Christmas!!

Joe and Nancy

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