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  • Samantha, in Indianapolis

Pearl (Greta) - Very smart, spunky, goofy, & so sweet!

Hi Jonas and Michelle! I hope you both are doing well. I wanted to send you a quick update on Greta (we renamed her Pearl)! She’s doing great! She is spunky and goofy and so sweet. She learns new tricks extremely fast - she already knows come, sit, stand, lay down, and shake. She is very smart, clever and has a wonderful personality. Pearl absolutely loves the two little girls that live next door and is always so excited to see other dogs and people. We love how friendly she is. We’re so grateful she’s a part of our family now and love her so much! Her coloring gets more beautiful as she grows with her black spots becoming a little more defined on her ear and back. People have even said to us that she actually looks blue! 💙 She weighs 16 lbs now, sleeps through the night and is *almost* potty trained in the house. ☺️ You were right about her tail - it really is always up! Haha. Thank you so much for such a wonderful companion!

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