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  • The Wolpers in Chicago, Illinois

Addie - Most popular dog in neighborhood, known by name to everyone


Addie is a very good dog.  Of course there have been accidents and things chewed up, etc etc but normal puppy stuff But she is potty trained and now sleeping outside of crate, finally sleeping from 9 pm til 6 am which is so nice.  She is literally the most popular dog in the neighborhood.  Everyone knows her by name and the dog walkers that help me always say they love walking the local celebrity.  

Pics to follow.  Incl a few with a neighbor golden doodle and they are besties.  They have play dates and try to go to each others houses on walks!  🤣

We love her dearly!  So much work but she’s def a part of our family now!  

—From The Wolpers in Chicago, Illinois



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