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  • Carolyn & Tim in Massachusetts

Ringo impresses his new family, piques a kitty's interest...

Well, Michelle, we made it thru the first night! We have named him Ringo—he is such a love. Have to ask: did you guys work with him on learning to “sit”? Because he has picked it up just from last night to this morning—smart little guy! And doing very well will house training—again, we are impressed!

This is our 3rd dog (for me and Tim together with our family). We both grew up with dogs. My dad had hunting dogs that he trained himself.

Ringo is quite smart, based on my experience. Amazed at how quickly he is picking things up and adjusting. He will have a fun life with us—our kids are smitten (as are Tim and I).💕 Our kitty, Cinnamon, is less sure…but very interested…



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