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Reagan (Bella): "Most lovely and loving"

Dear Jonas and Michelle, I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the wonderful breeders you are to have "raised" such a wonderful pup. Reagan( Bella) has the best little nature, open to everyone and pretty darn smart. We have had a number of pups and she is by far the most lovely and loving to date. I suspect some of that is she was able to stay with her Mom and bother for a little bit longer than normal. Thank you! I have a dog trainer who is working with us once a week and she was VERY impressed with so many aspects of Reagan. She asked for your names in case someone else asks her for referrals. And she is pretty tough! It is great because our neighbors have a "doggy hour" every afternoon at 4:30, so she is getting a lot of socialization. Reagan enjoyed her first major snowfall - crazy early even for Park City. Bounding through the snow and the cold doesn't bother her in the least. She is better about the crate at night and I think she will be fine in the near future. She goes in at night willingly and we are now going from about 11 pm to 5:30 AM before she barks to go outside. Once again..thank you! Patter 

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