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Eleanor: Most amazing dog — Best Christmas present ever!

Hi Jonas, We just wanted to share that Eleanor or as we lovingly call her, Ellie, is doing so well! She is the most amazing dog and we are so lucky and grateful to have gotten her. She was the best Christmas present ever and our two daughters adore her. She is sweet, loving, spunky, and just a joy to have in our family. She loves everyone, people and other dogs. She also loves to lay on our boots. The one picture, she laid there all by herself! She is gaining, on average, about 6-7 lbs a week and is doing really well with puppy training and housebreaking. She started ringing the bells on our doors almost immediately! And she slept through the night almost immediately as well. Here are some photos of her! These are more recent ones but we have so many!! She is just the most wonderful dog and everyone comments on how beautiful she is and how much she looks like a “true” Bernie! Thank you for helping us bring such a sweet addition to our family. Hope you and the family are well! Best, The Atteas

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